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First Jump Freefall Tandem

Tandem Skydiving has opened the world of freefall to more people than ever before. During 30
minutes of intense instruction your Tandem Pilot will teach you all the necessary information to
allow you to experience the exhilaration of freefall on your very first jump. Harnessed to your
Tandem Pilot you board the jump aircraft for a 30 minute scenic tour of the area surrounding
the drop zone. At around 12,000 feet you exit the aircraft with 39 years of skydiving experience strapped
to your back for a 30 second free fall, where you can hit speeds up to 200 kilometers per hour!

At 6000 feet above the ground your Tandem Pilot will activate the main parachute system.
After a thorough safety check of the main parachute he will then hand over the controls to you,
and assist you in flying the main parachute to the landing area. Our new high-performance 411
square foot Gemini Tandem Parachute allows you to have a soft smooth glide to the landing
area, or if you like, things a little more spicy ask to be taken to the top of the roller coaster for the
wildest ride of your life!!

At 2000 feet your Tandem Pilot will assist you in setting up for final approach on the landing
area. And the two of you will glide in for a nice smooth landing! Your exit and landing are
video taped to allow your instructor to debrief the jump with you afterwards. Copies of your
video are available so that you may share the fun and excitement with family and friends.
Freefall video is available as an added service upon request. Be sure to book Freefall video in advance.

Pre-Registration for Tandem Jumps is highly recommended especially for those who would
like to experience a sunset in Freefall.

Tandem Jumps are  $375  tax included